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Manifesting can sometimes feel like a struggle especially when you feel it isn't working. In this blog find out WHY it is not working and the ONE simple trick to making those manifestations actually happen in your life. It is all waiting for you once you make this quick & easy change.

How to Create Positive Growth Through Depression


Patterns of depression are an old habit for me and one that I am sure many of you feel akin to. But how to we stop this pattern in it tracks and start moving forward in our lives? Through daily work on my inner self I have found that this pattern is easily manageable and can even be inspiring.  Firstly, we have to take one simple yet overlooked step...

The Chakra Meditation Series!

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Join us as we quest onward through the chakra series. Learn how to awaken, cleanse, and align your chakras so they are turned on and functioning in balance. Tune into these energy centers and discover the hidden vibrational +  foundational channels that stimuate your being daily.


“Shelby radiates positivity and self love, and, as a mentor, she knows how to turn belief into action. She has motivated me to share my story and help others feel healthy and strong!”


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