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21 Days of 30 minuet workout classes tailored to your goals that can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, at the beach, and while travelling or without Wi-Fi!

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21 Days of Meal Plans & my portion control system to help you better (and simply) navigate the world of healthy eating

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21 days of my dense whole food blend to cut your cravings for that junky crap, revitalize your body, energize you without the caffeine (or the crash) & detox

Ps. not into smoothies no problem--I have a ton of dessert recipes too!

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Goal setting (dreaming and visualizing!) chat with me to set up your goals and a tailored plan for you!

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Personal development and positive mindset practices to easily integrate into your lifestyle

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Exclusive access to the Members Only Facebook Group to ask questions, seek support, get inspired and connect with like minds

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Me to cheer you on when things get hard, coach you on how to believe you can do this & give you guidance and support through the whole process and afterwards


Be Your Own Hero!

Doors close October 7th, the journey starts on October 9th.

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Elizabeth& Mark

Working with Shelby has been such an amazing experience. She was able to truly meet me where I was on my wellness journey. I am so grateful for how she pushes me to be the best version of me. Not only did she offer me the tools and support to clean up my diet, become more consistent with my fitness and lose 5 lbs in just 3 weeks, she also helped me create a wellness routine with meditation and journaling. When working with Shelby, it's clear that she has a heart for helping people.



Shelby radiates positivity and self love, and, as a mentor, she knows how to turn belief into action. She is super relatable and also has that extra sparkle that extra sparkle that will take her to great places.

Meet Your Coach!

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Hey! Shelby here to guide and coach you on your journey towards, nutrition, fitness and wellness! I lead an online & local wellness community dedicated toward inspiring people like YOU to take their lives into their own hands by first reclaiming their health and mindset.

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Who is the Space 


The person who wants, needs, and enjoys a step-by-step program

If you crave organization and enjoy knowing what the next step is, then this is the space for you.


Beginner and advanced wellness seekers

If you are new or in a long time love affair with wellness, but have hit a slump or don't know where to begin, then this is the space for you.


People who want more and are willing to put the work in

If you’re craving a fulfilled, purpose driven, and healthy life that manifests your goals into reality, this is the space for you.


People who need a transformation

If you need a radical shift from unhealthy and disconnected to healthy and so connected, this is the space for you.


People who need to simplify their routine

Whether you hit up the gym, workout in the comfort of your home, or a mix between the two, this space holds a purpose and an opportunity for anyone looking to take the guessing game of how to workout & still reap the rewards


Who is this space

 not for:

The person who only chases the physical effects of wellness

If you are only looking to quickly transform your body and not the wellness of your mindset as well , this space isn’t for you.


People who want a quick fix

If your only goal is to quickly lose weight to then gain it back, this space isn’t for you.


People not willing to do the work

If you’re not ready to carve out the time, devote the energy, and channel your efforts into YOUR JOURNEY, this space isn’t for you.



My life has been enlightened greatly each day since Shelby became my coach. We’ve reconnected from the past and I feel brighter, happier, and stronger with myself on this new journey. I have gained positivity and confidence in my body, mind, and soul. I have my motivation back for the dreams and gifted purposes I visualize will build my happiest life and will aid me in becoming my best self. This tribe Shelby began growing is outrageously supportive, accountable, and full of successful GOAL DIGGERS! I feel ambitious being a part of this tribe for they bring more to my life than I could have imagined. Monthly groups with easy personal tracking and all of us working together has taken us all further than we could have made it by ourselves. Thank you for making everyday brighter.


Be Your Own Hero!

Doors close October 7th, the journey starts on October 9th.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a refund?

Of course we do! If after 20 days, from your order date, you’re not digging the vibes, meal plans, superfood nutrition blend, recipes and culture let us know and your payment will be refunded. Even if you complete the whole 30 day supply of the superfood nutrition blend. Simple as that!

Why does it cost so much?

Let’s put it into perspective. The price for a monthly gym membership can cost upwards of $100+, and this doesn't include a step-by-step system, nutrition plans, goal setting practice, or fun friends to create a profound result! This program includes 21 personally tailored to YOU workouts, weekly meal plans & a personal portion control system, and positive mindset development practices to transform + tone your body, inspire your mind, and fuel your soul, plus personal 1 on 1 coaching with me to further your confidence and belief in yourself , and an incredible community to support you along the way.... all of this would easily be over a $1,500!

Why 21 Days?

21 days equals three weeks, giving us one week to focus and build on all the different elements of wellness (mindset, nutrition, & fitness). Doing this over the course of 21 days allows us to build a healthy lifestyle slowly and in a more sustainable fashion (remember this is NOT a quick fix). Plus, it’s the magic number thought to create positive habits and real life changes.

Will I lose weight?

I can’t make guarantees (duh!), but if you follow your personally tailored plan consistently and dive all in, then YES, you will experience the shedding of layers, the toning of muscles, the healing of your digestive tract, healing of your skin, an increase in energy and a profound shift in your mindset!

What if I’m not motivated, strong or experienced enough?

News flash - we all start somewhere. In this experience, you will cultivate all of the above, plus more. And if you’re just starting on your wellness path, this is a wonderful introduction!

Can I just do your free programs or find these materials online?

Well no not really--this is a specialized and customized program I have created based upon knowledge gathered over years of experience, research, and my own trial and error. My free programs do not hit all the important points of wellness. They typically hit on one and give a very brief introduction to that topic for a shorten (5-7 day) period of time. Of course, nowadays almost anything can be found and learned online. However, time is our most valuable currency and to source high-quality, trusted content and create a step-by-step system for your best experience would take months, trust me, because I already did it for you.

How long do I have access to the materials?

Forever and ever! The materials are yours to use, revisit, and learn from both during the 21 days and after.

What format are the materials delivered in?

Great question! This group is a mix of videos, one on one personal time with me, meal plan guides and posts - there’s something for every type of learner!


How will "The Hero Inside" Transform

your Wellness Journey?

At the end of the 21 days  you will feel lighter, stronger, integrated, and ready to live your journey!


You will end with an understanding of what your wellness is built upon and with the desire to continue learning more.


You will learn how to align your personal self through knowledge, physical fitness, nutrition, and self-work.


You will build confidence in creating a clear vision for your goals and how to achieve them with community support.


You will meet and connect with like-minded people all over the globe who will support and inspire your personal wellness journey!


Finally - you will feel INCREDIBLE!

Your body, mind, and soul will be awakened, worked on, and ready to continue the path of alignment, intentionally designed life, and authentic living!


Be Your Own Hero!

Doors close October 7th, the journey starts on October 9th.