Three Ways To Stimulate Detox

“ Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live. ”

   - Jim Rohn

Degrading health and mental fatigue are commonplace for many Americans due to our busy lifestyles. In hopes of quickly achieving a healthier mind, body and soul, a multitude of “quick fix” detoxing methods have become popular; diet pills, weight loss serums, and other fad diet products tend to do more harm than good. Unfortunately, our bodies are not time travelers. We did not get to the state of health that we are in overnight. Yet, we keep rushing our bodies to fix themselves with these “miraculous” 24 hour cures. Instead, we should consider some healthier au’ natural detoxing options and integrate them into our daily lives. Throughout the course of this article I will  explain some of the healthier detoxing options such as, near infrared lamp therapy, dry brushing, and my favorite 21 day whole food cleansing system that are available to you.


What is detoxing?

  Many people have heard of detoxing throughout the years, but what is it? Detoxing, plain and simple, is the removal of toxins from your body; and in this day and age with chemical laden food, air and water we could all benefit from a detox. Below are my three tried and true ways to daily and naturally stimulate your body’s ability to efficiently detox.


 1.) Near infrared lamp therapy  

“The rays that the lamps emit are just as beneficial as those from the sun without the harmful effect of UV rays.”

Near infrared lamp therapy are sessions in which the body is enticed to detox through the use of infrared (NIR) light. The rays that the lamps emit are just as beneficial as those from the sun without the harmful effect of UV rays. NIR light penetrates your skin and actually affects your cellular structure directly. While this may seem crazy, remember our bodies have been programmed to naturally benefit from these rays as we have evolved with the sun shining upon our skin.

Your cells metabolize these rays resulting in the NIR light heating you from the core and stimulating toxin release through sweating. This is opposed to heating your body externally like regular saunas, which do not effect your cell at their core or provide you with NIR light (Casper, 2016). Most saunas use steam to create this effect, while near infrared lamps use the power of the light. The energy transmitted from these rays have numerous benefits such as skin rejuvenation through sweating, detoxing through decongesting the internal organs and stimulating circulation and cell regeneration by inhibiting the sympathetic nervous system (Wilson, 2014).

2. ) Dry brushing

“Dry brushing is the golden ticket for daily and natural detox.”

I am sure most of you have heard of the benefits that exfoliating has on the body, but what if I were to tell you that there is an easier, less costly, chemical free, and more beneficial option? You’d probably be pretty excited. I know I was. Dry brushing is the golden ticket for daily and natural detox. Through the use of a natural bristled brush and circular motions you can exfoliate, awaken your lymphatic systems, and stimulate detox on a whole new level. It’s so simple and that’s why I use this method three times weekly.

These dry brushes  are used on both your body and face before you shower. Starting from your feet make long circular strokes towards your heart. In doing this, you brush away dead skin cells, excess oil and debris from blocking your pores. This clearing allows your skin to breathe and more easily remove toxins from the body.

This weekly habit also awakens your lymphatic system which is one of your key detoxification pathways (Singer, 2015). Toxins tend to build up in our bodies due to poor diets, chemical laden air and water. This causes our lymph system to become stagnant. When this occurs toxins cannot easily detox from your body resulting in poor immunity and the onset of in chronic sickness as well as cellulite and fatty tissue deposits. So get to brushing and awaken your natural detox system!


3.) The Ultimate Reset

“Live fruits, vegetables, and herbs, when eaten in their natural form, offer you the most amount of bio-avaliable nutrition.”

The Ultimate Reset is a whole food detoxing plan created by Beachbody that is aimed at reclaiming, releasing, and restoring your entire system back to its original and naturally healthful state; all while, you learn and create whole food eating habits over the course of 21 days. It reaches far beyond a juice cleanse, fasting, or laxative based cleanses and gets down to actually restoring your entire system. Now as a two time veteran who’s about to embark on her third trip around the cleanse system I can tell you that the Ultimate Reset is the ONLY way I will ever pursue a cleanse again. The Ultimate Reset (UR) not only cleanses your body, but allows you to become more in tune with your eating habits so you can maintain this healthful state far beyond your 21 days. In fact, my first experience drastically changed my eating routine and allowed me to instill some amazing habits for the rest of my life. That is where the true beauty lies in this cleanse.

The first week of the cleanse, or what the program refers to as phases, focuses on Reclaiming your system, your habits, and your emotional states around food. That's not easy to do or change and I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. It is a good kick in the pants to get your eating habits in order. This phase is where you begin accessing your body's inner chemistry and start preparing it for cleansing. It is definitely difficult, but oh so worth it to get rid of your bad habits. I mean we have to get rid of the bad to bring in the good right? 

Every single day our bodies are taxed by pollution, stress, and toxins in our poor food choices . This is why after you have Reclaimed your system during phase one and started taking back the power you have over your eating habits you can begin phase two. This is the Release process in which you start flushing unwanted compounds you have been holding in your systems out and begin the detoxification process. At this point you will be eating an entirely vegan diet alongside additional whole food supplements and a gentle colon cleanse.  

Phase three is the Restore process. This process is skipped over most often in a juice cleanse or fasting, but alongside detoxing is the MOST IMPORTANT part of any detoxification process. Your body has been able to release toxins and now it is time to Restore your digestive system along with other internal processes so it can perform at its maximum efficiency. During this week you will be putting nutrients, enzymes, and pre- and probiotics back into your body alongside eating a mostly raw diet!

It truly is the whole package if you really want to hone in on your habits and reclaim your power over your life again! Bonus: It comes with a FULL 21 days of yoga streamed right to your home! So give your body a good cleanse and shine bright like a diamond from the inside out with The Ultimate Reset.

Interested in trying out The Ultimate Reset to see how good your body can truly feel?

Let me be your guide and coach through the cleansing process!