Third Eye Chakra: Tune Your Inner Awareness

I want to share some of my favorite guided meditations with you all, as I have taught them both to my local community and the larger VIRTUAL collective. I have found these chakra based meditations to be incredible for beginners. As they will provide you with both a focal point to start training your mind as well as give you the space to begin cultivating the time to tap in and tune into the energy within each different chakra.

Here we are going to be tuning into the first chakra, the THIRD EYE CHAKRA or Ajna in Sanskrit.

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This is the chakra found at the point between your eyebrows. It is the place of intuition and clear thinking; the place where you can see things as they are without resistance or judgement. This area pertains to the medulla plexus, pituitary gland, and eyes. Visually it is represented by deep purple and indigo. Symbolically is depicted as a two petaled lotus containing a downward pointing triangle as shown above.

The third eye chakra is your place of perception and self realization. It may be underactive if you find yourself more often lacking concentration, or the ability to self reflect. You may also find that you are very fearful of the unknown or change. It may be overactive if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed easily, overly judgmental or analytical, or having excessive anxiety. 

Please use this guided meditation below like medicine. Taping in consistently is the necessary work behind fully aligning and activating your third eye chakra energy center.

Holding no resistance or judgments, become mindful of the feelings and images that occurred during this meditation.

Simply see them and feel them as they are, knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be learning and experiencing exactly what is meant for you to heal.

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