How to Create Positive Growth Through Depression

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Are you feeling a little down on your luck perhaps, maybe you just hate everything, or you feel like the world is out to get you, right? I am here to tell you that you do not have to feel this way. Now before you hit the back button, hear me out. I am not one of those fru fru, life is wonderful all the time, and you are wrong if you think otherwise kind of person. I am a real person who is here to tell you that feeling shitty, crappy, depressed, as if your damn chakras aren’t working and neither are your crystals, is fine. Even so, feeling this way all the time can really put a damper on achieving your best life unless you go about it the right way. So, why are these moments of unfulfillment so apparent in our lives, and how can YOU go about making sense of them?


Let’s get into it shall we.

This pattern of negativity and depression, for me, is an old one, one that I am sure many of you feel akin to. It is a scheme that has played a heavy role in my life. Yet, through daily work on my inner self I have found that this pattern is easily manageable, even inspiring. You may be asking how do I figure this crap out and move on? Firstly, I would like to ingrain into you that these moments of sadness or depression are one of the single most important learning lessons in your life. But to make them so, the most crucial step is to become grateful for these hard time’s presence in your life. Greater things, that you may not even realize, are coming together. Realize that these messy times are here for a reason that will help you grow into the places you want only when you allow them to and direct them appropriately.  



You must get into it with yourself and figure it the hell out. Make sense of those feelings from your one and only inner perspective. Everyone does this in a different way.  When I find myself in a negative space I like to write. I like to write all the things I am feeling so as to get it all out and release the negativity from myself onto paper where I can see it. In writing it out, basically word vomiting onto a page, I can begin to see why I felt that way, where it stemmed from and sometimes recognize it as just extra energy that needed to escape from me. In realizing what it was that caused these feelings of anxiety or sadness allows me to let these feelings go more easily and find the mind power to appreciate them.

I urge you to find a moment, when you have one of these days, and ask yourself  why am I feeling like this? If you find the answer efficiently through writing, like myself, than do that. If you find it through talking it out to yourself, painting, dancing, doing needle point, than by all means find ten minutes or more to do just that. If you can’t think of something to do than try some of these:

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No One Knows You Better Than You.

Remember you have all the answers because there is only one person like you. No one can find the answers for you because no one thinks like the beautiful you. Get into yourself through meditation, exercise, writing or use some of the ten options I provided. Feel the negative emotions because no one can feel that emotion like you. Now, become fully aware of the feeling, separate it from yourself, and rather than letting the emotions impede you, view them as something that facilitates growth. Remember you can use that darkness to drag you down or you can use it as a lesson of gratitude.

These moments are here to give you the gift of knowledge of SELF. They are here to make you learn about your inner self, your inner truth and push you to express it in a positive manner from a place of gratitude. These times are of great learning and therefore exponential self growth. Don’t let them drag you down instead, let them raise you UP!