Manifest What You Want By Letting Go

Letting go is an essential step in your manifestation process. If you are finding that your manifestations are not coming to fruition you most liking are feeling stressed. You may even feel doubtful of this process and of your ability to achieve your vision and goals.

I promise you, your vision will manifest. 

By introducing this step to your manifestation ritual you will enhance your vibrational magnetism to match your desired outcome. This process will also aid in releasing any vibrations that oppose your goals and visions (aka limiting beliefs, self doubt, and negativity). The act of letting go and aligning with the correct vibration will allow your manifestation to more easily come into your life.

It is easy to find ourselves in a state of desperation or lack when it comes to manifesting our goals and vision because we do not yet have it. But what is important here is to recognize when you feel this way--typically a sign that you are working from this desperate space is that you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and/or weighted down by the world.

This is your sign to let go and surrender.

Send those opposing feelings up to the highest energy in the universe-the light, God, Jesus, Buddha, whatever you have in your mind as the most profound and highest good. Send it to them with the unwavering knowing that it will be sorted out and answers that are in alignment with your goals and vision will be lightly placed upon your path. 

These answers can only make their way to you when you free up space in your mind to allow them in. To do so we must let go of that which does not serve our goal and vision.

Why it is important to let go?:

Letting go is essential for relieving stress and fear. When planning, working, dreaming, or doing it is essential to work from a calm center--from an emotional center that you wish to replicate and perpetuate. And if you are working from a hostile, fearful, desperate, or stress based center what do you think you are going to get more of? You are going to get more stress, fear, and misaligned choices.

Make letting go a habit in your manifestation process and focus solely on the positive attributes of the experience, feelings, situations, relationships or whatever it is your want to bring into your life. It is natural for negativity to pop up especially when you are seeking to manifest a reality outside of your current reality.  Put your blinders up to negativity from your own mind and from others and focus solely on your goals coming about just as you dreamed they would.

Focus there and let go of everything else that does not align with what you wish to bring into your life.


You were specifically given that dream, goal, and vision because you were ment to bring it about in this world! In letting go of all the vibrations that do not align or represent the feelings you want in your life you are making space for your goals and vision to become a reality and are allowing answers, bits, pieces, and clues from the Universe to make their way onto your path.

Please watch this guided meditation and follow along to further understand the process of letting go on your manifestation journey: