Why Manifesting Isn't Working & What To Do

If you love listening instead of reading-WATCH THIS!

If you have been on this self love, mindfulness, vegan, yogic lifestyle path for a while you have probably heard of manifesting. If not, manifesting means:

 " Intentionally making things, situations, material objects, experiences, or people happen by creating the way for them come into your life through your thoughts, focus, and actions."

Personally, I have been working with the law of attraction--or the way of manifesting for some years now, but there were a few years there where I thought this was a bunch of bull, yet I so desperately wanted it to work. Which is probably where you are now & what led you to this post. I am sure from where you are standing the concept of manifesting looks like a whole bunch of frustration and possibly anger towards the Universe at large.

I feel you!

Here's the thing when most newbies venture out and play around with manifesting they, myself included, come to it more from a space of testing and experimenting or desperation rather than having unwavering belief & faith in it. Sound like you? That was me too. I get it your cautious--and that's cool to a point.  But when you are too cautious it splits your manifesting power in half because half of you believes in your vision and the other half thinks it's bunk & nevaa gonna happen.

This is where things get tricky  because to manifest anything you MUST have unwavering belief in your vision, in the unknown & in the not yet seen, and undeniable trust that everything is going to work in your favor.

Cautious is in our nature, but don't let it hold you back from your true potential.

We have grown up being told things like “i'll believe it when I see it” so of course we are a wee bit skeptical. The truth is for anything to happen at all there must first be a thought and then an action taken. The only reason things get done, planes get created, automobiles get invented, actors become famous, or we save the world is because there is an unwavering BELIEF in the end goal--ALWAYS no matter what--no matter how many times you fail, or are told you are wrong, or told it’s a strange idea you keep going WITHOUT DOUBTS.


For instance for me to create this blog post I had to first have the idea, than take action by writing notes, editing, formatting and uploading. During all of that time even with doubts in my mind (is this going to help someone?), and all those negative thoughts spiraling around (no one is going to like this, or do I sound crazy?), and "failure" at the possible doorstep, my belief that this blog post no matter what was going to help YOU was stronger than my doubts.

Sounds easy right?

It is, but you see the hard part is BELIEVING in your vision especially when you have no past experiences to base its success upon . Those moments when you lose belief is usually when those fearful thoughts creep in (I can't do this, this has never been done before, this is impossible etc.).

When you allow those thoughts in they chip away at the belief in your vision.

And it slowly spirals...

That is when our manifestations don't come true because basically what you are saying to the Universe is “nevermind that will never happen I don’t need it” and so it is. That right there is a manifestation and you have unwavering belief in it.

  • Tony Robbins had a vision and belief even when he was broke living in a 440 sq foot apartment to be more and give his first child a life unlike his own childhood and he did.
  • Jim Carey visualized and believed he was going to make 10 million dollars for acting services rendered even when he was flat broke, living in his car,  and eating cans of beans and he did.

  • Oprah had a strong belief that she was meant for something greater than a life stricken by poverty and she made it so.

  • The Wright brothers believed in a air craft that could fly in the sky and they did it.

Do you see a pattern there?

It starts with unwavering belief.

Truth is your life is whatever you BELIEVE it is and can be. You create your life everyday with the thoughts you allow in and the actions you take upon whichever thoughts you have.

Your truth is what you decide it is. Your life is what you decide it is. Your manifestations come about because you decide and believe they do.

So I ask you this, before you caste the idea of manifesting aside, have you been truly steadfast & consistent in FULLY believing, without wavering, in your vision and taking actions based upon the knowing that no matter what “failure” or “lack of evidence” that those manifestations will occur?

Believe in the not yet seen, hold steadfast to knowing it will happen and take action from that space of knowing. 

Know this as truth and your vision, dreams and goals WILL manifest into your reality.