Tapping Into Compassion with Your Heart Chakra

I want to share some of my favorite guided meditations with you all, as I have taught them both to my local community and the larger VIRTUAL collective. I have found these chakra based meditations to be incredible for beginners. As they will provide you with both a focal point to start training your mind as well as give you the space to begin cultivating the time to tap in and tune into the energy within each different chakra.

Here we are going to be tuning into the fourth chakra, the HEART CHAKRA or Anahata in Sanskrit.

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This chakra is found at the center of your chest where your heart rests within the physical body. The heart is the most vital organ of the body as it beats and grounds our existence with each pulse. Thousands of times stronger than the brain, the hearts emanates electricity and magnetism. It is where your sense of compassion and love pours from. This area pertains to the cardiac and respiratory systems of the body. Visually it concerns deep shades of green and gray as it relates to the element of air. 

If you find yourself unable to show compassion and love for others, or if you are unable to cultivate love and compassion for yourself then tuning into your heart chakra energy should be your meditation focus until you have mastered an understanding for the love of self as well as others.

The heart chakra is your center for love and compassion. It is the key to truly begin loving what is within and outside of the self. It may be underactive if you often find it hard to forgive or connect with others, and resist touching or feeling empathy. It may be overactive if you find yourself lacking boundaries with others, saying YES to everything without having discernment for yourself, or relying on unhealthy codependent relationships.

Please use this guided meditation below like medicine. Taping in consistently is the necessary work behind fully aligning and activating your heart chakra energy center.

Holding no resistance or judgments, become mindful of the feelings and images that occurred during this meditation.

Simply see them and feel them as they are, knowing that you are exactly where you are supposed to be learning and experiencing exactly what is meant for you to heal.

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